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This may have been specially created for this show, and I didn't watch the whole movie, but my Gran had it on. The music seemed to occur several times throughout. Kind of a weird aggravated (techno?) music, that has sort of almost blank, slow spaces with eccentric beats, almost arabian beats or something. :) yeah I know. It's a long shot. Here's hoping... :D :rolleyes:
I was wondering about that's hard to remember now what it sounded like! Maybe somebody has a sample they can post?

The first thing I thought of was the beginning drumbeat in Rob Zombie's "Living Dead Girl" (which is sampled from the "Last House On The Left" movie trailer) though I don't think that's what we're looking for!
Now you mention it, the beats do kinda remind me of Living Dead Girl (love that song too), and then if you add a bit of a "Psycho" feel... but yeah, not quite either one. I'm not being very helpful, so I will stop.
There must be a clip somewhere but I haven't located one, yet.