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If anyone could tell me what the name of the band & the track that 'corky' is listening to in the scene were she's paintin,in the film 'Bound', i'd be v.grateful!
Hey, I just saw this post today, randomly enough. Since it's so long ago, I don't know if it even still applies, but anyway: The song you are looking for is called "Hopeless Faith" by a San Fran band called The Hail Marys. They released the song used in the film Bound on their own, and I really don't know how to tell you to find the record? I think they broke up a while back, but I have seen copies in used CD stores in the past (on the West Coast). Maybe, and this is a long shot - try They might have someone on there selling this one? The CD is an EP, I think about eight tracks if I recall. Interesting song, the rest of their stuff isn't exactly like that particular song from when I recall hearing them.