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hey, i saw this ad for boston legal on abc family channel and it had this this background song that was used in the italian job. i remember the lyrics were: "what comes around, what comes around, goes around, this is the sound, you came to get down". help is greatly appreciated. thanks in advance :)
The original song was "To Get Down" by Timo Maas, which I first discovered when it was used heavily in the Italian Job promos. The song in the Boston Legal commercials is a cover of it, it sounds like...but they sound fairly similar. Enjoy!
Does anyone know the music in the Boston Legal commercial for a recent episode? I heard the commercial on 10/4/05. It is a classical song, but a rock remix version. Thanks.
What is the song in the Boston Legal radio promo that aired on 10/18/05? Its a swing/big band type song. Thanks.

I am trying to find a piece of music used in the boston legal trailer for series 5 on cbs drama late 2012, can anyone help please?
It has the words o say goodbye, I must say goodbye.