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Hey everyone,

Lately there's been a lot of Bombay Sapphire "Inspired" commercials. There's about 5 of them. Most of them can be found at:

I'm looking for one that's not on the website, I think it's a new one, with people walking around and transforming.

Does anyone know the name of it, or how I can find the commercial online, or who makes that music?

that sucks... maybe it's too current and hasn't been added to the site yet...

Can you describe the music?
Yeah, it's really kinda just ambient music. A lot of fx stuff and just kinda "under-the-radar" sounds. Then it adds a kinda piano melody at the end. I'm pretty sure it's licensed just for the commercial, that's why I was looking for the online version of the commercial.

I saw the commercial again on TV, it's appearing a lot on SpikeTV, and it involves mostly women walking around and there body parts will seperate from them really quickly and then come back. (This sounds strange, I know :))

Thanks for the help,
ahh, explains why i haven't seen it -- don't watch spike tv too much. :)

you might try emailing bombay sapphire and asking them if they know anything about the music or the ad agency that produced the ad.
Originally posted by dj_trancient@Jun 7 2004, 12:49 AM
it's appearing a lot on SpikeTV,
which programs usually? or what times? i tivo a lot of spiketv, mostly CSI, Horse Power tv and Trucks! . ( so most ads i see are big old guys selling tools, athlete's foot cream and gold-bond powder...things you never see in this forum :lol: )

If i see this ad, i can save it.....
I watch spike quite a bit and I've never seen it. <_<
Thanks, I've seen it only once since I have posted this message, I'll try to note what time and channel it is on.

I emailed Bombay so hopefully I'll have an answer soon.

Okay, I just saw it. It was on at exactly 11:54 pm Mountain Time, on the FX network. So I'm not crazy? :blink:

Originally posted by dj_trancient@Jun 14 2004, 02:52 AM
Okay, I just saw it. It was on at exactly 11:54 pm Mountain Time, on the FX network. So I'm not crazy? :blink:
:lol: no!!! you're not! :lol:
we weren't doubting you! i watch tv mostly thru tivo, so i can rip ads and host it easily. so i wanted to know the channel, so i can do that. usually there's more chance of people figuring out the music when they can hear it readily.
i think PSYOP made the ad 'Drift', not the one dj_transient was asking. i have not seen that yet... have you fitz?

I liked the music in the 'drift' ad, and e-mailed PSYOP. I got this reply:

"The music was an original composition by Singing Serpent
Mehhhhhhhh. I guess I'm a bit behind. Drift is the only one I've ever seen. Was that Psyop thing supposed to be an answer on the music? :unsure:

EDIT- I guess I could've READ your link rather than just clicking it cult. :rolleyes:
I got two pieces of unrelated bad news about an hour apart yesterday then some more at work so please forgive if I seem to be "not with it" for awhile.

SHELLSHOCK :blink: :wacko:
sorry to hear about the bad news fitz, (or news about the bad news...) :( but if it's some thing you wanna talk, rant or rave about , we are all ears at the general discussion!

BTW, thanks for the link to their skippy ad is funny. i had captured a so-so resolution movie from my tv, but now i have a better one from the site... :)
Sooooo - the women with diff body parts coming apart .. that was stardust who did the animation and mophonics the original music