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i know this is the wrong forum but i am not able to post on the commercial forum.
what is the song in the BMW X3 commercial?
Don't know why you can't post in this section... What was the problem.

Anyway, to answer your question: Read this. Don't forget to search for words that have three letters, add an underscore in the search box: _BMW
everytime i try'd posting here it said that there was an error and that i had to wait 30 seconds. It said that everytime.
that isn't the song. i looking for the song that is in the newer commercial that sounds like an r&b song or something like that.
That's weird about the error you were getting... Not sure what was causing it. :what:

As for the song, I haven't seen this newer version. Does it have any lyrics?
No, that was the song mentioned in the earlier thread from my post above... Not sure what this song is, I haven't seen/noticed the ad. :unsure: