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I really should have posted this when I was still seeing the commercial, but didn't think I'd only see it 5 times! So this will be vague but...the commercial is for BMW M3...I believe it was airing around the end of 2003/beginning of 2004. I am looking for the techno song that was in it.
Amon Tobin -- "Sordid" Link goes to available audio sample, track 4.

If you need to do a search for words with less than 4 letters, you have to add an underscore to get any results: _BMW
There was a car commercial that played often a few months ago. In the beginning it had this strange sound like 'wa wa wa wa' with an electrical, dreamy kind of resonance to it. I have no idea which car it was for, but from what I can remember, they showed some kind of SUV drivning up a mountain. I know this is vague, but I just thought I'd give it a shot and ask here.
Thanks in advance.
That commercial is for BMW and it is for the X3 suv. The name of the song is sordid by amon tobin, its an awesome song, he has many other cuts that have been featured in other commercials as well.