BMW commercial from '96


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In an unusual twist, I have actually found the commercial.

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So who did this music? Is it Paul Robb, and if so, did it ever get published? Is it a Crystal Method rip-off? If so, which Crystal Method song did they rip off? Inquiring minds have been wondering since 1996.

Note that though the commercials were shown starting in the spring of '96, they were advertising the '97 5 series cars, as a quick glance at the grille will show.
Did some digging, and found this (via Google groups:

I presume you are talking about the commercial with the new 5 series driving through NYC among the yachts. The Music for "Canals" (the name of the commercial) was composed specifically for the commercial by Joe & Co. from London.

Sorry... :(
Here's an article that appeared on BMW's website in 1996 describing the details of the ad -- at the very bottom of the page, you will find the musical information for this ad, saying it was an original composition.
Glad to help, although I was disappointed to find the music was just for the ad -- cause I really liked it too! :p