BMW 3 Series


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Starts out with various scenes of people counting to the number "two", for example one is two kids playing hide-and-seek by a tree in a yard and one is counting "1, 2...", then another a few scenes later is a band drummer in concert snapping his drumsticks together while counting "1, 2...", and then you finally see a big number "3"on the screen. After that is shown a BMW 3 Series, black with black tinted windows, driving around while the song playing is like a distorted bass guitar riff with guitar and drums in the back...kind of!
Yeah, I'd like to know the name of that song too. I just saw the ad, but it could just be a song made for the commercial, but then again I dont know.
Been searching all over can't find any info. anyone else out there have a clue???
I'm still having no luck finding the artist or title of the song. Any one??? :angry:
Could the song be "Setback" by Fluke? I was watching something today and instantly recognized the song and thought, "The people on Adtunes need to know"

All I knew was that it was a BMW commercial. I missed the model and pretty much whatever happened in the commercial. Any luck?
No, it's not "setback" by Fluke. The song on the commercial is pretty raw rock, with no synthetics or ambient electronica. I keep feeling in the back of my head like it's a UK band...