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I was looking at the top ten posters.. and Michelle you have the most and your title is Site Admin right.. well instead of members for the other ones.. you should call them like i dont kow.. Die Hard Fans... Mother of all members.. ect.. you know.. to seperate them from us who havent hit a 1000+ posts

Just a suggestion ;)
Me too. But I'm talking about the thousands of posts. They should be labled something other than members... because we all. But they're like Gods and Goddesses <--- however you spell that...
You can see a list of the breakdown on blue squares and member titles in this post. Most people opt to change their member title to a custom one, which becomes an option once you've hit 500 posts -- this explains why you hardly see the Forums default member titles such as "All-Star Member" etc...
Originally posted by manintights89@Feb 1 2005, 09:58 PM
I got most of my posts Over Christmas break swear to god :lol:
Me tooooo!! And I'm not even in college anymore :( . Jess, you haven't been here hardly never since then! We miss you! :unsure:
Originally posted by manintights89@Feb 2 2005, 06:43 PM
im in high school :lol:

i miss you guys too
Oh, well, then, I can't talk to you anymore... :huh:

KIDDING!!! :p Come back and play more!