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What is the song name in the Bleach commercial on adult swim?

There is an 8-bit song that starts off in the commercial and I can't find what it is anywhere. here is a link to the commercial:

I need the one that has an 8-bit nintendo-esque song at the VERY beginning of the commercial I posted. Sounds more like Electronic with a synthesizer, not anything very common.

I know the second song that plays, but not the nintendo sounding one. pls help!
Does anyone know the song that plays in the commercial for the Bleach marathon on adult swim that aired during the Inuyasha movie marathon?
Thanks much.
The one with Orihime, the orange haired girl... That Adult Swim commercial for Bleach, what song was that?

"Come on In... blah blah blah" what is that song? Ive been wondering for a REALLY long time
there's a new promo and the music in the background has rap. does anyone out there know what i'm talking about and knows the song