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Hey there. Does anyone know the song that was played in the car when Heather and Josh were picking up Mike in the beginning of the movie? All I can sorta hear (because Heather's talking to Mike from the car) is: "... builds me up..." and "... more than just a dream come true, more than just desire..." during that part is sounds very calm and you hear drums and guitar playing too, just a bit later it starts playing rock n' yeah, I liked that beginning :p oh and uuhm, does anyone know if that creapy sound in the credits is downloadable? I can use that for my OWN movies that me and some friends make ;P thanks a lot
Well actually the song I was wondering about ISN'T even in the soundtrack, but the sounds in the credits WERE! Kinda odd, but true.
Well maybe it's because it's "Josh's Blair Witch Mix" so I guess that song was playing on a radio in the car but still kinda odd why they just don't make a soundtrack cd with ALL songs. and I haven't even heard ANY of those songs in the movie at all but the last song on the album with those creapy sounds.