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Hi, first time posting here...

I was just wondering if someone knew the title of the techno track on the Blade Trinity trailer...

Thanks :D
uhhh there's a blade trinity trailer? all i have seen is a short MTV clip
wait if there is one i better strart looking for it right now :D:D:D
I've seen this trailer for the first time about 3 weeks ago, but it just hit the Web site last weekend I guess...

If you find out about the music, let me know ;)
mmm watched it and as usual most of the footage used were from the last 2 blade movies, and the new footage isn't really new as in been there seen that.

and yea you were right i saw this trailer 3 weeks ago on Yahoo Movies

Crystal Method rulez ( name of the game :D )

BtW you know what is really annoying ! mostly with trilogy movies those ( here comes that word again ) annoying sayings like :'' Part 1 & 2 were just the beginning ! ''
it really degrades the previous movies which were Excellent
Found it... REDLINE, you got it bullseye : The Crystal Method :: Legion Of Boom - ADVANCE :: Weapons Of Mass Distortion

Thanks!!! :D
:( please tell me, i realy like the song and it starts when jessica biel says "my father meant for us to help you " i think??? PLEASE TELL ME !!!!
This one's easy. It's The Crystal Method's "Weapons of Mass Distortion" from their new album "Legion of Boom."
at the blade trinity webpage theres a song that is being played when you click "Meet Abigail" does anyone know what that song is called?
Copied from the message board on the Blade website (the one you linked to):

Abigail's song is from Mortal Combat, the scene where Johnny Cage is fighting Goro. It is a remix of 'Control' by Traci Lords.
In the new trailer. There is a song at the end. It is so familiar. Just wanted to find out the name of it.

and does anyone know what other trailers that song has been in?
Are you talking about this trailer ?

it uses "Rob Dougan - Clubbed To Death (Kurayamino Mix)"

And the earlier teaser used :

Immediate music - Ultimatum
The Crystal method - Weapons of mass distortion
What is the techno song played on the trailer of the new Blade:Trinity with Wesley Snipes? I've heard it in other movies too.
whats that song that was played in the Blade Trinity teaser trailer? i've heard it before but i cant seem to remember who its from.
The guitar instrumental that starts to play when Jessica Biel says "You can't win this war..." is Crystal Method's "Weapons of Mass Distortion." You can hear a sample here.
In the blade trinity comercial it is playing this catchy instrumental. I was wondering who it was by/song title, and where I could find it.

Thanks in advance.