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hi want to know what the song is called in the big red pop-out packs commercial is. sorry if this has already been answered,but i searched and couldn't find anything. :unsure:
Is this the ad where the guy and girl drive to the dump, and the big metal thing picks up their car?

I searched for the music when I first saw the ad, but couldn't find anything... Do you remember any lyrics from it (I don't)?
I want to know this too! There are two ads and both rock!!! The one Michelle is talking about has lyrics, I just can't remember any at this moment!!!
You can see both ads at Big Red's website. Click on "watch TV ads." (even though it says "coming soon," they're both available.)
cool song, these are the lyrics i heard

let's kill some time
let's make some plans
let's let it all get out of hand

hope this helps.
I would like to know the "Clothes" one too...with the guy rolling on the ground.
This one is really hard to find <_< I'm trying to figure out the one at the dump - no luck yet
hey... re. the "Big Red" commercial with the couple in the car that gets lifted up by the ginourmous great magnet..... well... sometimes my day job is scoring commercials and the like .. and that particular spot is one that i (and several other people i know, too...) submitted tracks for.( my efforts were's pretty obvious isn't it? i'm jabbering... i should just get to the point.. shut up shut up shutupshutupshutup....). anyway. point is. they wanted a piece scored specifically to fit the commercial.. you know? simple start..building up to a change of some sort when the car gets lifted. i haven't really paid attention but i'm pretty certain that the music on that spot was done by someone at an an american music house.
right. after all that i'd better go and switch on the tv, wait for that commercial to come on and check that i haven't been talking total bollocks..
Hello all
the music on the dump spot was done by comma music. a composer named Pete schmidt wrote it. the other one (which i almost won) was a needle drop. can't remember the band though, sorry