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Does anyone know the song in the new Lexus IS commercial. It's a red car, and I can't find anything about it. The commercial starts out in a forest like setting.
Yeah I heard it also, it says something like "for whichever side" it has that nice rock guitar music going. I would love to know the name as well.
oh, yeah i really want to know this songgg. i originally thought it was psapp, but now i don't think so.
i hope someone knows.
i've been dying to know what song this is, too. every time the commercial comes on tv, it's like i'm being taunted by it.
just saw it while I was looking for another song (the saab 9-3 convertible techno song that I swear I heard at Six Flags on the Batman ride) anywho a little bit of detail to help whoever does know about the song

the commercial reminds me of dave matthews band crash video, it's in the woods and people are sorta dancing floating around all multiplicated kind like a mouse trail that drags on many times and the slogan is "for your many sides"

and it's for the Red Lexus SI
Hey, I wanted to know the song too, but I think it is just a short clip of several songs put together. I heard it was mixed by X-Tracks in Paris. But if anyone can prove my wrong, please post the song. Thanks