Beyond The Limits


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There is this movie that I stumbled across through another webpage (quite by accident). Out of vague interest I watched the trailer and was awed by the trailer music. This doesn't look like a high-budget film (necessarily, I don't know if anyone has seen it, it's lesser-known but looks like it's a primarily UK-based film). It's the beginning part of the trailer that I'm concerned about, where it sounds like a little girl is singing.

You can view the trailer at the link above. Hope someone can help...this song has been haunting my dreams!

Man i wish i knew, It's a remix of a song i have, i downloaded the original song a while ago and it was labeled as "Prelude - Romeo must die" but i don't think its on the romeo must die soundtrack. That being the case i have no idea how to discover the real name or artist. :( Cool song, cool remix, hope someone else can help.
The second part of the trailer uses 'Escape' by Craig Armstrong from the soundtrack of the movie Plunkett & Macleane.

This piece is also used in the trailer for Romeo Must Die which maybe what gypsydevil is referring to.

As for the haunting vocals in the beginning, I'm afraid I have no idea...
:lol: **gasp**

Thank you so much!! is End of Days, but I was wondering...

The version of Escape used in the trailer is slower than normal, if memory serves me correct (the teaser isn't loading right now for me :( ) Is this the same version of Escape or is it a different song altogether on the Plunkett and Macleane Sdtk?


Again, thanks a million!! :lol:
It is another song on the Plunkett and Macleanse OST, one with the same theme but it is a lot slower. It is called "Hanging".
I hate doing this ... I really do...

This has been SO much of a help to me, you have no idea!! I would have never thought about that music...

I promise you ... this is the last song I will ask for in the Beyond the Limits line!! I have no interest in the movie, but this person really did his/her homework when making the trailers...good song choices!

What is the first song that plays in this 2nd teaser from the starts when the title "Brave New Work presents", and it's a piano / strings melody that goes until the thunderclap...

I promise you again!! This is the last song I will ask for in this thread :)


P.S. - Thank you all so much for all of your help on this thread! You guys are amazing!! :lol:
Sorry i dont know what the piano cue is (could be Mike Oldfield but really its a non-descript piano piece)

But at least I know that the choral piece at the end is *vide cor meum* by zimmer from Hannibal score :)
yes, it definitely is from hannibal...

anyone have an idea about the piano cue?