Ive searched everywhere for that song and artist but its not on itunes, rhapsody, or where did you find it?
You can find that version on the Miss Congeniality Soundtrack at Amazon here, audio sample track 6.
Does anybody know the name of the song that plays around the time when Nicole Kidman says "He doesn't know who he's dealing with."?? Thanks! :ph34r:

Trailer # 3

01.) One Last Shot V.6 - Pfeifer Bros Music
02.) Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic - The Police
03.) Emergency - (Two Week Notice) - John Powell
04.) Catwalk - Frank Pop Encemble
05.) Mondo Garden - Selecttracks
06.) Cymbal Swell - Megatrax
07.) Love Big - Abaco Music
08.) Bewitched V. 21 - Pfeifer Bros Music
09.) Bewitched V.7 - Pfeifer Bros Music
10.) Swish # 1 - Robert Etoll