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what is the song that plays in the Best Buy commercial that has a guy hooking up a CD player in a camaro, that looks to be from the 80's. They installed some sort of home stereo system in their car if that helps.

thanks :blink:
I went and answered someone else's question under the wrong post (yeah I'm dumb, what?) so I don't know your answer, but I can't delete this so I'm just gonna go ahead and edit it instead.
I haven't seen this.. you mean the song is from the 80's, or the Camaro? Do you remember lyrics, or genre?
both the song and the car are from the 80's. The lyrics I understood sound like this:
Motorend, watch out for the sky, we'll be in here till tonight.

Something like that. I probably just butchered the song, hehe.

thanks :lol:
Is that the commercial where the brother flashes back to the 80s or something, and the dude with the Camaro high fives the Best Buy guy because he just got a VCR with a remote or something?
Lost Boy, thats it. Do you know the name of the song that is playing?? :)
I'm pretty sure you're describing "Sister Christian" by Night Ranger. (You can hear a sample of it through that link, at Amazon.)

Here's the actual chorus:
You're motoring
What's your price for flight
In finding mister right
You'll be all right tonight
Thanks Yall,

Guess i really did butcher the song.

CL :lol:
Yeah, but that's why I recognized it... because it DOES sound exactly like he's singing "Motor End." Ha!! :lol:
Dude.. this is so weird.
I have never seen that commercial, but I KNEW that it was gonna be Sister Christian. I even almost posted it, like as a joke ("Try THIS corny 80's hair band ballad, perhaps it's what you're looking for.."). I'd like to say it's cause I'm psychic.. but when he said Camaro it was the first song that came into my head. Apparently my brain associates "Sister Christian" with Camaros. How freakin weird is that. :lol:
hey guys, thanks for the insight on the song
it was racking my brain because i could swear i
heard it in boogie nights too. i been looking
for this song for four hours now