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What's the theme song to Beauty and the Geek?
lyrics: "I've got the brains, and you've got the beauty, let's get together and make some money..."
Does anyone know the main tintro music to beauty and the geek? Don't really know anything bout this song.

who knows which song it is that E4 uses to announce Beauty and the Geek?

Thank you,

This one may be a stretch, because the song I'm looking for might be part of the show's theme song music... but there's a really good instrumental song that is played often in many of the episodes of "Beauty and the Geek" on the WB. Most recently, the song aired in last week's episode, where the women play strip poker with the guys clothes and the guys need to invite as many women to a party.

After Josh tells Cher that he won the guy's challenge for them both and they jump up and down, the song is clearly heard when they clap their hands up together.

The song has some guitars, a clever melody, some light percussion... that's all I can remember really that stands out. Um... I'll see if I can record a clip of it off my TV and share it with people who could help me with titling/finding the song.

Thanks so much!
well the theme song is ...

Pet Shop Boys - Opportunities (Let's Make Lots of Money)

if that helps
What was the song in tonights episode played many times through out the show its something like lalalala i want your dadadada not sure what its called but anyone who can help would be great thanks so much

There is a song playing when Nate and Jennylee were kissing, i need to know what it is i absolutely love it
yeah im looking for it too
the lyrics are:
cause you know the sun is gonna shine
for yours and for mine just
leave it all behind
and i know when i see it in your eyes ....
something something?

its about at like 10:05?
i found it. the nad is called turn off the stars the song is called brightside and the album is also called turn off the stars. this ones hard to find i actually had to buy it.
Does anybody know the song used at the end of the first episode for Beauty and the Geek?

I believe they only played the chorus and it went something like ...

"If you just believe, you can move mountains with dreams"
Beauty and the geek premiered today and at the end of the show, they played a series of clips of things to come in the season. there is a song playing in the backround. it was a girl singing and some of the lyrics were "if you just beleive" it sounded really good and i would love to know the artist and song.
What is the name of that song in the new (sorta) beauty and the geek show?

It went like "I'm proud to be a geek, proud to be a creep..."
I was wondering if anybody knows the song when it is usually about geeks. All the words I hear are like, "It's good to be a geek, it's good to be a creep?" I'm not sure about the creep part, but I am sure about the it's good to be a geek part. Thanks. :ph34r:
this what you're looking for?

Well it's good to be a geek
It's good to be a creep
It's good to draw my pictures
that no one will ever see.
It's good to be a geek
It's good to be unknown
It's good I'm never waiting
right beside the telephone

"hail to the geek" by the deaf pedestrians

hope this helps.