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Hey all,

I really need some help with this one! I've been trying to find the Bad Boys score by Mark Mancina. I know it's out there because has all the tracks in their database. I e-mailed them to find out he found it at some used music store. I've looked everywhere for this, but haven't had any luck. I'm about to e-mail Sony and ask about it, but that's a last resort. Please, any suggestions or help on where I could find this score would be great!

Also, I know the Bad Boys 2 score by Trevor Rabin is in the works, but does anybody know when it will be out. Thanks again!

Hi sulaco.

The original Bad Boys soundtrack music was made up of a collection of R&B and hiphop tunes, with one solitary instrumental tune. However, the instrumental score was never officially released, so I doubt contacting Sony will be of any use.

There are currently 2 versions of the Bad Boys score available. Of-course neither of them are official, but they are both different from one another. The first is a 28 track, 59.58 minutes bootleg which has poor sound quality, with the majority of tracks actually ending before they should finish. The second is a 21 track, 59.16 minutes isolated score 'rip' from the DVD of the movie. Needless to say this copy of the score has superb sound quality, and the closest you will get to owning the Bad Boys score.

However, because we're dealing in unofficial releases, I cannot in good conscience provide you with a reputable place to purchase either of them. My advice to you would be to buy the DVD, and utilise the isolated score option (watching the movie with just the music) to record your own score.

I'm afraid I have no information regarding an official release of the Bad Boys II score.

Hope I've been of some help.

I am not condoning the practice, but just as a tool of reference there is a track of mark mancina's "lobby shoot-out" cue from the Bad Boys Film floating around file-sharing engines. It is the most recognizable cue throughout the film, and it is the best version. But again, officially, like the guy said... its hard to get.
in the movie bad boys martin lawrence is in the club restroom and is getting mugged by two guys during this scene theres a song in the background, its sounds like a rock song. and after that scene jennfier connely walks into the club and another song comes on. also sounds like a rock song. does anyone know what songs are being played or who the artist's are. any one know the songs played. i checked out the soundtrack at amazon but didnt find any thing. maybe its there but i just dont know who the artist are. any help ?? thanx :D
First off, Jennifer Connelly was not in the movie, Tea Leoni was.

I haven't seen the film in a while, but I remember the scene you are talking about and one of the songs is "Guilty" by Gravity Kills.
Originally posted by secretny@Mar 21 2006, 08:09 AM
First off, Jennifer Connelly was not in the movie, Tea Leoni was.

I haven't seen the film in a while, but I remember the scene you are talking about and one of the songs is "Guilty" by Gravity Kills.
yeah your right i always get both of them confused for some reason,, like when jen came out in "the incredible hulk" or when tea leoni came out in "the family man"... i always thought jen came out in the family man but i was wrong again.. oh well.. but thanx for the info on that one track.. appreciate it...
Ok so i was chillin on sunday watching a couple movies and i was jumping between two. One of them was the bad boys movie. Since i was watching most of the other movie i only caught parts of the bad boys one. Anyway i have found the sound track online, but i was wondering about two imparticular songs that were being played during the movie. These songs play one after another. Anyway the first song i believe has a techno beat and starts to play when they go to the huge house that is throwing the party and the guy is in the bathroom and theres a motorcycle guy with sun glasses on standing next to him and then a guy outside with a nife. As soon as he motorcycle guy whips a plastic bag over his head and the other guy goes to try and stab him. During all this a sweet techno song is playing and i was wondering if anyone knew it. ALong with this after he gets thrown through the fish tank and meets back up with his partner another sweet song not that much of a technoish feel ends up playing. So both these songs play in a row and sound awesome. If anyone knows them please let me know. thanks.
If by the big House scene you mean where they go to club hell try:

KMFDM - "Juke Point Jezebel".

Stabbing Westard - "Nothing.