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Does anyone recognize the song playing in the background of the axe commercial where the guy is sitting across from a couple on a train and the girl starts to seduce him. They finally end up going at it while the train goes through a tunnel and it's dark and the boyfriend doesn't notice until the other guy blows a bubble with the gum the girl was chewing? It goes something like "Give me, give me, pass on your love to me baby..." it's a killer song and i'm hoping it isn't another one of those made for t.v. sound clips.


Commercial where a guy sprays himself with the spay before he sits in a compartment of a train. A girl comes in, they exchange looks, her boyfriend it seems comes in, they go into a tunnel...

If you've seen it you know the rest.
Oh, well i guess my search wasn't good enough.
I'm in Canada, so that may help.
Just don't forget to make your search more than 3 letters.. in the case of axe, you need the underscore in front of it, otherwise you get an error:
There's the commercial on this site
You only have to look for the commercial from ''mercredi 09 juillet 2003'' (p.19 or 20) (this is a french site)

It's a real great song ! (But I don't have the title)
:eek: Hmmmmmm seems to be a pay site. <_< That's just a cryin damn shame. :angry:
OK this one is REALLY starting to bug me. Mostly because I can't see it or hear it. Soooooooo I'll keep digging ;)
Ok, I just registered here and I did the following before im probably bugging you with this post:

Manually searched the pages
Used search function

None helped so...

Does anyone know what song is playing in the backround of the axe commercial where theres a guy on a train being hit on by a woman then they kiss etc etc...

The lyrics sounded like..

Give me Give me..

Pass on your lovin...

Something like that..

Forum Rules give tips on how to search our Forums, especially when the word is 3 letters or less. You need to add an underscore in front of your search word, like this: _Axe

This particular Axe ad has been asked about here, but there's been no determination of the music.

Maybe you could try contacting Axe to find out the ad agency or music info from the ad.
I did and that's the answer they gave me :


Thanks for writing

The song was created for the commercial by contracted composers, which is
the case for advertising. So it's not available anywhere else.

Your friends at Axe

I recieved the same reply from Dockers about two or three years ago in reference to their 'Dinner Party' ad. I later found out that the song was actually by Theivery Corporation. It's just the standard answer so don't lose heart just yet. That said, they may be telling the truth.
Schuyler what line of work are you in? You've obviously got some connections..
:) I work for an advertising tracking company for my day job, and I'm an actor/director/producer for theatre as my fledgeling proffesion. The people I meet/know/live with tend to have all sorts of industry information.
Yep I just got the same e-mail valyrie did... :) oh well im not going to quit until i find this song
Another Possibility:

Did a little research, and though I can't find your ad specifically Axe has typically gone with one of two Advertising firms. Lowe Pirella and company(ies) Actually has several branches, so it may be a difficult egg to crack. The other is Vega Olmos Ponce. The other thing to keep in mind is that most Axe ads running in america appear to be of entirely foreign origin. Might be an arduous task to find your song. See if you can follow either of these leads a little further than I was able, and best of luck.

Oh, funny connection. Turns out Axe is owned by Unilever, the same Dutch conglomerate that bought out Ben & Jerry's years back. I was at a protest concert of the band 'Wreckinghorn.' I'm from Vermont, we were a little upset, particularly by the institutional changes that took place in the next couple of months after the sale. But Ben and Jerry themselves are really nice guys who were always very active in our community. Even put up the cash for our skate park.

But I digress... :unsure: hehe
And just to be sure that everyone who didn't see the commercial will be able to see it, here's a link.
The Essence version of AXE Deoderat Body Spray commercial, where the guy is on a train opposite a girl, then the girls boyfriend walks in, and then they go into a tunnel and the guy has the girls gum...

what's teh song that plays in that? :eek: