Axe Tag Body Spray


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I have to know what song is on the new Axe commercial. Its the one where the guy is gettin ready to go out and he starts spraying Axe on his back. Later when he arrives at the diner with his date, he gets off the motorcycle and shes latched on tight to his back. Its a punk song and the band sounds somewhat familiar. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Edit: I e-mailed Unilever and Axe (there is a separate Axe website) days ago, and I have yet to get a reply.
I'm with you on this one, I can't figure it out it is so quick but it sounds like stiff little fingers, sham 69 or maybe even the jam ... but I really want to know
Finally got a response from Axe:

"Thanks for writing!

The song was created for the commercial by contracted composers, which
is often the case for advertising. Unfortunately it is not available
anywhere else.

If you'd like any more info regarding AXE, send us another email or call
us at

This makes me sad inside. Thanks to anyone who actually spent any time tryin to help me here.
On the new Tag Body Spray commercial there is a punk/ska song. The guy sprays a bunch of Tag on and then they show him at a cafe with a girl on his back and they're getting off a scooter or motorbike. Anyone know what song this is?
it was an axe commercial actually, and it was a custom piece for the commercial...sorry
Its the "Axe Unlimited" commercial where there's an Asian kid spraying his back, then it shows him getting off of a motorcycle with a girl hanging on his back. What is this song? Its very punkish and I love it! Please help! Thanks!
BUMP! I wanna know too! It sounds like Mission of Burma or Minutemen, but I don't know ....
In the commercial, a boy sprays tons and tons of Axe on his back, and then it show's him in front of a club and a girl sitting on his back.

Funny, right? haha anyway, the music is very old-school punk w/ a male singer & i love it.

Does anyone know what song it is?