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im sure you all hv seen the new commercial of the "axe perfume"dont remember the fragrance <_<

it has some lyrics goes as "i like to party"

a sliim man in a pub start dancing & two sweet girls follows him with the steps ^^

thats the commercial , pls tell me the song :)

i found the name of the fragrance its "Axe Pulse"

here is how the commercial goes:

A Slim man enters a pub/bar , he drinks a beer and start dancing, 2 sweet cute girls enjoys the dance and joins him. then finally both girls hugs the slim guy :D

the lyrics goes like " i like to party" .. and mind you that slim guy dances really nice :D

thanks for ur coming reply(ies) :)
I haven't seen any Axe commercials since fall of 2003, so I don't get how there are several Axe threads. I see Axe threads all the time! And it's annoying, I don't even look at them. I don't know what the hell compelled me to look at this one. Probably just to vent...

P.S. I don't know the song.