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Adtune buddies, i'm looking for a song from an axe pulse commercial where a blonde is working out trying to impress a guy who uses axe pulse body spray. the song goes like: "Yo I'm gonna rock this, I see girls here there and everywhere, short skirts long hair, love it when they walk, yeah check this one, two yeah." In my next post is the link for the site with the commercial. Help is gr8ly appreciated.
yo michelle can ya help me out please. thanx ur the best
I have never seen the ad other than the link, but this song is indeed cool. I would love to know what it is also.
Unfortunatly this was written just for the commercial and is not available for re-sale :angry: :wacko:

It annoys me cos I love this tune.

Apparently it was written by Morgan Van Dam and might be available as a remix soon, I'll keep you informed

Hi hi,
The song is I Love Girls (Crazy) by Studio B which is basically MC Romeo from so solid crew. It's due for release on 10 November.

Yozhik :ph34r:
Actually it appears there is a bit of confusion over this song.
It could be one of two possibilities, two sources seem to claim rights over the song.

Source 1:

Claims that the song is by Studio B and due for release on November 10th. Studio B consisting of MC Romeo, singer / songwriter Harry Brooks & producer JD aka Dready.

Source 2:

Claims that the song is by Daniel Anderson and produced by Morgan Van Dam.
Some other sources show that the song is by Sebastian Van Dam and Daniel Anderson. The main point however is that they still claim the song is being produced into a 3 minute version.

It looks like either which way they song will be released, but who is really responsible for it? And are we talking about the same song?
thatnx for the info and if the song ur talkin about goes like, "i see girls, here there and everywhere, short skirts long hair, love it when they walk...etc." then yes that is the song
Ok Boys. I finally found it.

But still the naming is not constant.

It's called:

2 Play Feat. Romeo - I See Girls (LYNX ADVERT)
Studio B - I See Girls
changing from source to source.

Unfortunately the sound of the song changes in a very unpleasent manner after the intro (which is played in the Axe/Lynx commercial). So I was dissappointed.