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Hey. I was wondering if any1 knows the new audi commercial song. It was posted on ESPN2 opening MLB game (boston vs baltimore). It's like that 80s electric guitar tune or whatever and i cant make out what it says but i think the person says in the song your never ever gonna get it. I can't make it out cause the person says it superfast and thats all he says heh. ANYONE HELP ME OUT! I dont believe it was about a car but just advertising AUDI. I remember the screen splitting into 4 parts though for like wheels and stuff. HELP ME OUT! THX :)
It sounds like you are describing the BMW commercial, with screening splitting into four cameras, but there are no lyrics in that music. Are you sure it's for Audi?
Does the song sound like it's actually a band from the 80s, or does it just have an 80s sound? I'll look up the Audi commercials on adland in the morning.
this question was already answered on another thread. the guitar riff is from "Rebel, Rebel" by David Bowie. I think they might have superimposed lyrics from another song, possibly by David Bowie, called "Never Get Old" (hence, the "never ever gonna get old" part in the ad), but the lyrics aren't from REbel Rebel. But if you're just looking for that guitar tune, Rebel Rebel is the song you want.

for those of you who don't know what the ad is, it has a bunch of circles including wheels, etc. and it talks about making progress, i think.