Anyone knows the song in AT&T commercial? The one with somethings like "shall we talk..."

Thanks!! :roll:
The only one I can think of that you may be referring to is the one where the kid is going to college, and they show flashbacks of his childhood. The song used in that is "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston, but it was exclusively remixed for that commerical...
there's a commercial on tv using "i will always love you" -- i don't know what it's advertising though...

but, it's not a remix of whitney houston's song... it's dolly parton singing it, who originally wrote/recorded it! :lol:

(now, who feels old for knowing that...?!)
Man, I was the only kid in middle school (when The Bodyguard came out) that knew that Dolly Parton was the original singer. I was BORN old... :roll:
But what phone company did that commercial where the girl just got her own apartment and the dad came by to visit but ends up just sliding the phone under the door.. don't the words to that song start out with "can we talk" or something? I know it's a commissioned song and all but maybe that's the one he/she's asking about..

That commercial...I'm almost positive that was AT&T Wireless as well, but I have little evidence to support that. And I also have NO clue what music was used in that song as well...

I was unaware Dolly Parton was the original singer for "I Will Always Love You." I think most people don't know that, lol. Don't feel old dascoot...just consider yourself a music aficionado!

in my opinion, the dolly parton version is a thousand times better than whitney houston's... sure, whitney's is dynamic, but dolly's is so genuine and sincere.

i thought we'd gotten an answer for some phone service about a father and daughter.... could have sworn it was for at&t, but i can't find it anywhere... must be for cingular or another one. who knows.
Yeah I'm pretty positive we had an answer and that it was commissioned for the commercial, but I couldn't find it either.. it gets mad confusing trying to keep track of questions when someone posts an altogether different one from the original question in the middle of the thread, but alas, such is life.. but anyschweeze, I was thinkin maybe the original question up there ^ was in reference to the dad & daughter one
okay, well last night i saw an at&t mlife ad with some cool music... which i searched for and found out was made in-house for the commercial and not a "real" song.

anyway, the ad showed a father coming to visit his daughter, but when he got to her door, music was playing real loud so he slid a phone under the doorway and left. the daughter is inside unpacking or something and she hears the phone slide under the door and goes to pick it up, finds out that dad has programed all his numbers in it and so she calls him. then it shows him walking down the street answering his phone call from the daughter.

by the way, if that isn't descriptive enough for you... the lyrics are "hey, hello now that you're finally on your own; don't you know you're on my mind don't ya know"
Yea, that's the one I was talkin about up ^ there.. it's too bad, that's a real pretty song, the money these people would make if they'd make it a full song and release it!
But anyway, I think that's the one the original question was about..