Assault on Precinct 13

It starts exactly 23:43 into Charlie's Angels and doesn't last long, but it starts again almost everytime we get a look of the creepy thin man (Crispin Glover).

I think the bit of music is called Zendeko Hachijo and performed by Zenshuji Zendeko by looking at IMDB, but since i can't find the song anywhere...i'm not 100% sure.
man ive been searching for this song since the first charlies angels and have never been ever to find it :(
Just searched the website and it says its from Charlies Angels by Edward Shearmur. Not sure who the composer is, but its not on the cd.
lmao "not sure who the composer is?" the composer is edward shearmur it IS from charlie's angels its a score track not released called redstar break-in!