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ok- got one for y'all...

heard the song in question this weekend... i think it was in a commercial shows an empty office cubicle, an empty auto mechanics work station, and an unused table in a factory workshop, with such descriptions as: "Currently training new Iraqi police officers" or "Currently hunting Osama bin Laden."

but the song starts out with a very echoed/wet snare- kinda laid back, but intense rock....

i used the search for ARMY and couldn't find it- even checked per another query... but the site isn't up.

HELP ... please!

Can you describe the music? What kind of genre, any lyrics, male/female vocals? etc...
sorry Michelle- didn't see the question until today...

i don't think there are any lyrics- at least none that i heard- i only caught a couple seconds of the commercial and if i had heard vocals- that would be entirely too easy for everyone! ;)

the genre was mellow rock- but i think it had an edge to it.

hope this helps....

has anyone had any luck with finding something like this by calling the Army public relations or advertising office?

(just wondering if there's anyway of finding out if you can contact that office.)

I just saw this commercial last night. It is all instrumental. They show a bunch of empty offices and uniforms from U.S. Jobs with writing at the bottom showing what they are doing overseas. One even says "Hunting Bin Laden in Afghanistan." It's a cool commercial.
thanks Metro- that's a start- (i know i'm not insane and imagined it!!!) LOL

anyone have any ideas where/who/what i could contact for info- or does anyone have a copy of the commercial? ....hell- i'd take just an audio track.


ok- figured i'd give it one more try- it's been a couple weeks since i posted... hopefully had time to "simmer" and maybe someone else saw it...


help me...

Yeah, sorry... I haven't seen the ad that I'm aware of -- What channel have you seen it on? The ad isn't online anywhere for others to watch?

I'd still suggest contacting their Customer Relations or something and asking them for info on the music of agency that produced the spot.
not sure of the channel- i don't really watch TV- i was just passing through the room, but it was probably when my mom had on dr. phil or something... so whatever channel that may be. :)

i'll try to contact that office- hopefully i'll find it out.
thanks anyway guys- cool site Michelle!

Just FYI reference last past, you may have to close and reload the trailer to view the commercial. The advertisers rotate through. You'll know you have the right one when the video says, "the video you requested will start after a word from our sponsors."

Hope this helps.
Actually you only have to hit the "previous" button on the player after the trailer'll play again
Finally saw this ad last night, on G4/TechTV... No clue on the music though, I didn't recognize it. But, it's nice...
I was just wondering if anyway knew the name of the artist/song of the song played in the latest army comemrcial. It's just a scene of a car body shop, a bedroom, and other places.. saying where certain people are.. towards the end, it says the name of a person.. and says "currently hunting Osama Bin Laden" I liked this commercial, it had some kind of piano in it, and towards the end it had this cool pounbding drums.. like some you'de hear from a dj.. it was very nice. :D