Are You Afraid of the Dark?

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Lol. I was wondering if anyone remembers the themesong... I swear I've heard a piano tune that sounds just like it. Hmm.
ohmygosh!! i used to LOVE that show. yeah, i remember the theme...but it's, like, on the tip of my tongue to hum. :p anyways...dascoot gave us a really cool link that has all these old nick tunes on it. are you afraid of the dark unfortunately isn't on it...but you might find some others you love ;)
Hey! lol my mom told me what song it is. It's the theme to Love Story.... that old movie. It was on earlier and my mom was watching it and i was like OMG lol It's not exactly the same but it reminds me of it...

god that song makes me wish i stuck with piano lessons in 1st grade. okk theres like so many reasons now i wished i had stuck with it. lol
ROUNDHOUSE! Thanks for the link! I can't believe I started singing along halfway through the song... what a memory!