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This song has stumped me for a long time, so I hope someone out there knows what it is. This is my first time asking for a commercial song so bear with me as I try to describe it best I can.

It's an Aquafina commercial that starts with like an eletric piano type sound while it shows a blonde woman in a blue shirt walking down the sidewalk with an aquafina. It then shows an older looking man off to the side holding a sign that says "She's 41" "She looks 32" "And says she's 29".

Meanwhile along to the piano sound a woman and man start singing what sounds like "dab da du duh". It then shows a man in a striped shirt walking down the same sidewalk coming from the opposite direction while the old man is holding a sign again which says "He's 30" "Here's to older men". The man and woman kiss and a voice over comes in saying "Drinking water makes your whole body more beautiful, so make your body happy, drink more water. Aquafina".

Thank you very much. Been wondering what that song was ever since I saw it on a Drew Carey show years ago.