Any of the songs used during HBO's "Carnivale"


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It plays during the show, and whatnot. I'm ALSO interested in the theme song name as well.

But the song Im referring to is more of a 'calm yet hectic' sound to it. Purely instrumental. Anyone know what I'm talking about?
Well I have Carnivale music but haven't seen the TV show so I am not 100% sure about the main song you are refering to. Here is the other info: "Carnivale" composed by Jeff Beal.

Here is the track listings:

1. Carnivale End Title (Ben's Theme)
2. Dora Mae's Funeral
3. Carnivale Main Title Theme
4. Meet Samson, Ben's Dream
5. Justin at Mr. Chin's
6. His Name Was Michael
7. Storm's Coming
8. Ben Heals The Girl
9. Rita Sue and Jonesy
10. Lodz And Ben
11. The Carnivale Convoy
12. We Can Be Saved
13. The Mark of the Beast
14. The Silent Film
15. Fix Up Dora Mae
16. Black Blizzard
17. Ben Heals Kerrigan
18. Justin Calls Iris
19. Management's Advice
20. You're The One
21. The Russian Front
22. Babylon
23. Ben Searches The Templar Hall
24. Sofie Reads the Cards for Ben
25. Lodz and Management Plot
26. Lucky To Have Jonesy

or you can also go here:

it does show a few other composers for various music used for the show. Hope this helps.