Anthony Bourdain No Reservations

Does anyone know the name of the song in the Ireland episode that starts at 4:13? Much appreciated.
Hi everyone, first timer here. The show is Anthony Bourdain No Reservations S1/E3 Sicily. There is a kind of groovy rockish song that starts playing around the time that Anthony Bourdain starts talking about "Chico looking sluggish and we must go sailing with my friends" and then it cuts to a beach scene. There is a really cool guitar-driven jam that I have been trying to figure out who it is. I looked at the end credits of the show and all I saw was something called "Pump Music", Blues Explosion, and Dirty Shirts B.M.I., but to no avail. I know the episode came out in 2005 so at least I know that it isn't anything newer than that. Any suggestions?