Angelic Chior Music?


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Ok This May Sound Weird But I Need Some Songs That Sound Like Angels Singing Or Like A Chior Going AHHHA AHHHA.

Like Imagine This Product Being Unveiled With This Dramtic Red Silk Cloth And The Lights And Smoke Go Up And The Music Is Like AHHHA!

So I Need It To Me An Ensamle Like A Chior Female Or High Voices And With Little Or No Actual Lyrics Just The AHHA. And I Dont Want Ambient Heaven Harp Sound.

Its For A School Project Due Friday So I Need Suggestions Basicaly Tonight. Im Freaking Out Can You Tell? Thank For Any Of The Help Out Their!
Well there aren't any ahhing voices but check out the beginning of the Bittersweet Symphony by the Verve. Also very good is Love of Strings by Moby. I know you've probably heard both of them in other commercials. They might have the angelic/emotional feeling you're looking for. Can't think of anything else right now but I'll let you know. :) .

PS Samples of both of those songs are available on iTunes. By the way if you do a search for chant you might be able to get some stuff.
How about the Halo soundtrack? It's a great game with a great soundtrack.

Here's a link.

The opening track called 'Opening Suite' might have the sound you are looking for.
Thanks For The Help We Ended Up Using 2001 A Space Oddesy Music Instead Og Figure....
you know what would have been fun for that... "for whom the bell tolls" by Steve Baker & Carmen Daye. You can here it here.

or maybe the thing they play in home alone, when mcauly goes into the church and talks to the old "scary" man...