Amstel Light air conditioning


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air conditioning in the park, shorter of the 2 versions....

viewed: fox25, boston, MA, 11:15pm
more of a background music....really cool off-beat....i cant really describe it but i know ive heard it somewhere else too....damn
They do have a website here . They do not the have the TV advertisements up YET, but they say coming soon. May have to try a different route to fing the song.
Is the music kind of folky with a fiddle sounding instrument? Fast tempo?

It sounds very famillar, as if i've heard the song somewhere else but cant remember where. I looked online for a contact address but couldnt find one. Where do you suppose they would hide that information?
If you visit their site, confirm you're "of age" (whatever difference that makes)... there is a "contact us" at the bottom left corner of the screen -- below the red menu on the bottom, in the grey area.
I sent an email to Amstel and received this as a response:
Thank you for your recent email message. The song playing during the
commercial is Hopalonhop by Vilbert and B. J. Cole.

Well, they were close. After a little more research, I found that it is actually Hipalong Hop by Luke Vibert. You can find it on the Stop The Panic CD.

Of course, this is only useful if you were in fact looking for the folky/fiddle type music.

Hope this helps.
anyone know that techno song in the amstel light commercial? its the one where they keep following the cord throughout NYC and in the end its a dude and his girl outside in central park with the AC blowin, thanks
Well i dont know if this song is stock or an actual song but Its the Amstel ad that follows the extension cords, then ends showing two people at a park in lawn chairs with a window a/c at the end of the extension cords. Thanks