American Red Cross "Amazing Grace"


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Just joined the site, it's genius. I joined because Im dying to find out where the background music from the American Red Cross commercial for Katrina relief. I saw it on ABC about a week ago and im not referring to the one with Jhonny Cash. The ad I saw just had a super melodic, somber tune in the background. Please help
i know huh!? that song is gorgeus!! I've been trying to learn it (singing along with the commercial when it comes on) but i have no idea what it is. It sounds like stevie wonder, and i've been listening to alot of his music but i havent found the song. someone inform me!!
:duh: That was another one I was gonna post

It is really pretty, I'm looking
I don't know the name of it, but it is by Aaron Neville according to some other forum and an article in southern newspaper.
There's a Red Cross ad playing sad music with a male 'ahhh ooo' soothing voice in the background and it's showing a MINUS symbol next to "food, water, " and then it shows Red Cross logo...

has Anyone seen this? Let me know if you know what song that is... Thank-you! :D
Possibly the Johnny Cash one? I can't remember what song that was though. It will come to me, I just have to think on it.
Just received email from red cross. the song is "wise up 'by aimee mann
Oh yeah, I remember. The Johnny Cash one is a remake of Bridge Over Troubled Waters.
I have been looking for the same song...I think it's Aaron Neville singing....but I don't know if the song was made for the commercial or not, because there's not really any singing, etc. I will see if I can find anything else but I'm pretty sure it's him singing.
The only Johnny Cash Red cross comercial i have seen he was singing Bridge Over Troubled Water
"When you're weary, feeling low"

Old Simon and Garfunkel song
This thread was talking about a different song. Thanks for the info though. ;)
IT is AARON NEVILLE - AMAZING GRACE.... Too bad I cannot find this song anywhere available for download!
Just wondering if you are referring to the commercial where you see one aid worker helping someone then it transitions to the next scene where someone is helping the previous aid worker from the last scene and continues in the same fashion?

If you are, I don't know, but I want that song as well.
just downloaded the Aimee Mann and the Aaron Neville songs....

DING DING, we have a winner

Aaron Neville, Amazing Grace.

Anyone know the name of the song on the American Red Cross commercial, I believe it is Aaron Neville, humming.