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I want to know the song that is in the new American Express "My Life, My Card" ad with Ellen Degeneres in it. I want to know what the song is right after she is done with the elevator and is before the ice cream truck goes by. If you haven't seen the ad, you can watch it here (Click on "Dance" under ELLEN DEGENERES) Thanks.
There are several songs in that commercial.

One says " I'm a baller now" i think its chingy or somebody
one is THE mary j blige tune " family affair"

aww heck it escapses me there are about 5 different tunes it the bit.
Here are the songs played in order from this commercial. However, the one that plays while the guy is painting and Ellen dances behind him has me completely stumped. Courtesy of angmi90, a link to the commercial is provided in their post (the top one). Does anybody know what it is??

1) "Car Wash" Rose Royce
2) "Balla Baby" Chingy
3) "Respect" Aretha Franklin
4) "Family Affair" Mary J. Blige
5) Mystery song=Male singer. Latin sounding. Lyrics sound like "Oh Oh Ay Oh! La La Lo!"
6) "Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)" C&C Music Factory

Hopefully this list will help somebody with the songs that hadn't been named previously, and hopefully someone can identify the "mystery song" for me! Thanks~
American Express Ellen Degeneres

Looking for a song title from the American Express commerical with Ellen D. Its the song clip where it appears the people are doing Yoga or something. Its a rap/hip-hop song with the lyrics "High roller... shot caller..." If anyone help me ID this it'd be great.
Okay, I have not seen this so forgive me for the long shot but it is Wanna be a Balla by Lil' Troy?