American Express get blue ad


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I am trying to find out the name/artist of the track they use on one of their commercials i saw on tv--i even found out the name of the commercial they have it on through one of the links in this forum--the commercial is called
ATM (blue cash) and it features a picture of one of their new blue cards acting as an ATM and spitting out some cash--right after some music comes on with crazybreak beats and some latin based flute--really fun and fast....

anyone out there with any ideas?? thanks
I don't know what the music is, but here's a link to a page with the ad on it... Just select your appropriate media player and speed.

Click here.
i already saw that page before thru someone else in this forum--thanks anyways--so anyone with any ideas as to artist/title????? appreciate any info
Wow, if it's the same one I'm listening to I think this'll be pretty rough going. Might be time to send out the company/agency emails.