American Dreams

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I hope this is the name of the show, because I hate being inaccurate. There's a show on NBC that details the life of a family living in the 1950's, or so, and how they change with the times

At any rate, there's a commercial that details a life-changing event--on that show, all the events are life-changing--and they play a cover of the Beatles' "In My Life" as sung by a woman. The rest of my recollections are kind of sketchy, so I'll just say it sounds pretty acoustical after that. Just one woman singing.
Im trying to find the music that is almost always played during American Dream Preview commercials. It's all instrumental. Unfortunately there arent any new american dreams during the summer so it wont be played anytime soon. But if anyone does know, please let me know. Thanks!
hmm... well it's also used in Movie trailers, but I couldnt tell you any off hand. It has some piano, and then when they are showing big emotion parts the music always swells really loud. A while ago I downloaded what I thought was it... But I dont know if it is. THey edited it a lot for the commercials and trailers. If you think youd be able to recognize it I can send it to you...
Does anyone know the music playing in the current American Dreams commercial?

They lyrics go: "start a revolution, start a revolution.."

It sounds a lot like that girl from Bif Naked but i really have no idea who it is.
"I'd Start A Revolution" by Aimee Allen.

Also the theme song to the short-lived WB show "Birds of Prey."
I guess I'll apologize first, since the song I'm looking for is rather old. When American Dreams first began, there was a commercial that had beautiful instrumental music (I want to say it sounded similar to the theme from Jurassic Park, but that's not correct). If anyone knows what the name of the song is or where I can get it, I would very much appreciate it. Thanks all.
The title is "Revolution" and the artist I found is Aimee Allen... I think this is the song featured in the newest commercials for the premiere on Sunday.
Does anyone know the name of the song that was played when NBC was promoting the season premier of American Dreams? Something about generations...but it was only played during the short previews....HELP!
Does anyone know what the Song from the American Dreams Commercial is? It came out in the spring. It had people walking around and it was snowing. The song had a Harmonica in it. If anyone could tell me what the song is called i would be very pleased.
I have looked everywhere else to find out the name of this song. It is used in promos for American Dreams and Las Vegas. It says something like "Get your hands up" But, I am not sure. Please help me. Thanks!!