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What is the song that was played when Stan was running down the street after Steve was called a geek?
If anyone wanted to know the song in the scene where they talk about Ted Nugent, the song is:
Ted Nugent - Cat Scratch Fever
Does anyone know the song that Stans daughter sang when she jumped up on the picnic table and started singing the song that was against guns????
It was an original song from the show, there's no name for it.
It's the most recent American Dad Episode called Not Particularly Desperate Housewife. Just aired tonight.

What song is played when the Ladybugs walk into the grocery store? it's classic rock, and i'm kicking myself for not knowing it. i've heard it a billion times.

anyone catch the episode and remember what it was?
Anyone know the song that was played when Stan was looking for a place to park his car.
Yeah....I'm trying to find the name of that song as well.

It's the episode in which the fish gets a human body.
It aired on 1-29-06
I just saw this episode of American Dad on Fox. The night was sunday 2/12/06. There was this nice technoish song in the background of a part where the dad of the family realizes his son is a geek...It was a simple song with a lot of beeps and boops, so if anyone know what this song is, that would be great!

Could be wrong about this, so (and I didn't see the show) ...

Learned elsewhere ...

Looper - "Mondo '77"

Right or wrong ...
There you go.
I think it went something like "she's got the look, the look for love" or similiar lyrics, male vocalist and it was when he entered the prom as a senior and started talking to the guys who would set him up for the Carrie prank. What was it? Thanks in advance! (obviously it was made in the 80's since that was his prom date, heh)
Absolutely not, but thanks for the try.. I love "The Look" so I'd recognize it in a heartbeat, but this was something else. Thanks anyway!
While Stan and Roger are driving around in the limo, the song that is playing is Don't Stop Me Now by Queen.
Does anyone know the song that was played during the Frat Party (It could've also been when Roger first entered the Fraternity, I Forget).
American Dad "All About Steve" season 1

I was just watching an American Dad episode, where the father goes to a Yankees game with his son and his friends. He sees Derek Jeter, and is told that his son is a geek. Then he runs out of the stadium and into the streets (like that scene from Vanilla Sky?). I need to know that song they're playing in that scene. I've heard it before, and I'm sure most people have heard it... it's sort of an electronic song.
Thanks for the help!
American Dad season 1

What is the American Dad theme song??

Thanks people!
I think it's pretty apparent that "Good Morning, U.S.A." was created specifically for the show. According to my research, the music is by Walter Murphy, and the lyrics were written by Mark & Bob Mothersbaugh. It was sung by Michael Barker.