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Does anyone know what the song is on the new (March 2010) amazon kindle commercial with the man and the woman in it and she has a black and white stripe shirt? Thanks!
Re: new Kindle commercial song

"Stole Your Heart" - Marcus Ashley and Annie Little. Has yet to be released. The first ad song, though short in length, was released on the Amazon site. Same will probably happen with this song.
I love this site. It has helped me so many times to find hours of terrific music. I hope someday to be the person who gives the answer! Thank you for Little & Ashley and countless others! :-)
Re: new Kindle commercial song

Anyone know the guy in the commercial? I swear I have seen him in a movie/tv show before.
The song is Stole My Heart by Little & Ashley and is currently available for download for free from Fly Me Away which was used around Christmas time also by Little & Ashley is also available for download. That one is currently a 99 cent download.