1. N

    The Boys

    View: Can anyone tell me the trailer music used in this The Boys Season 4 teaser

    The Aeronauts

    View: Music is Michal Smorawinski - Different Perspective (Non-Choir)
  3. C

    Amazon Prime Video

    Hello. Can anyone identify the background music in the Amazon Prime Video UK TV Ad? It maybe rap music and features many snippets from new shows and movies available on Prime Video and ends with one of the characters from "The Boys" going "vroom". Thank you!!!
  4. R

    Amazon Fashion

    Anyone know the name of the song/music in the new Amazon commercial about Amazon Fashion? Boy, I am hoping it is more than a minute long and available. Thanks.
  5. F

    Amazon Prime "Lion"

    Who is the dreadful singer on the Amazon Prime ad with the golden retriever dressed as a lion for the little kid? Her voice is awful.
  6. S

    Amazon Kindle Fire HD

    I'm looking for the song used in an Amazon Youtube commercial that plays before videos and you can't skip it (though I don't know whether or not it's an actual song or it was only made for the commercial). I can't find the video anywhere, but the commercial had Life of Pi in it and it ends with...
  7. C

    Amazon Kindle

    What's the name of the artist/song in the new Amazon Kindle TV Ad? It's a woman singing. The only line I get out of the song is "Sweet talk, sweet talk..." Thanks in advance.
  8. F

    Amazon Kindle Pool

    Does anyone know the name of the song that's in the background? Thanks!
  9. S

    Amazon Kindle

    Holiday Amazon commercial with a bunch of people looking at their Kindles in various places. Hard to describe since there are no lyrics but there's a guitar in the background and towards the end of the commercial some humming. Not sure if it's an actual song or just made for the commercial but...
  10. O

    Amazon Kindle

    Does anyone know what the song is on the new (March 2010) amazon kindle commercial with the man and the woman in it and she has a black and white stripe shirt? Thanks!
  11. B

    Amazon Kindle

    Looking for the artist name for the Amazon Kindle commercial. Female, mellow, almost folk-like feel to the song.
  12. B

    Someone help me before I go nuts please!! There's a song playing in the background of a current running commercial that sounds a bit like Dave Matthews or James Blunt. There's a part of the song that refers to being..."thirty-three for a moment..." Anybody?
  13. jca MP3s

    Did you know that offers FREE music for downloading? From "Blockbuster Tracks" to "New and Notable" and "Digital Discoveries," there is a whole section devoted to exposing new music to fans from a wide range of artists. Why is this worth mentioning on There are, at...