Along Came Polly



There's this one song in that Ben Stiller and Jennifer Aniston movie 'Along Came Polly' which I can't find the title to. It's some sorta salsa song, they didn't even come out with a soundtrack! :angry: Anyone know the name of this song... click the link to listen. By the way I'm new here. Click Here. Thanks in advance. B)
We listened to your clip, but had no clue, and can't find any info on the song anywhere...

Maybe you should keep check on the movie's listing at Also, I'm guessing the song was original music by Theodore Shapiro. Reasons: He is credited for doing "original music" and he also made an appearance in the movie as "Hector," which is sandwiched in between the salsa band leader, salsa dancers and salsa singer in the Credits listing at IMDb. Does all that make any sense? :lol: Just a thought...