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Hi, I want to know the music in season 1, where Sydney goes to Camp Town with Noah Hicks and tries to download a database and Sydney is hanging from rope, what is the song featured there? It sounds so familiar....
Both the original and the current theme were composed for the show by MICHAEL GIACCHINO.

Clips are available to download from this website.
Alias "Time Will Tell" season 1

Season 1, episode 8
"Time will tell"
airdate 12-02-01

The song played during Will's chat with Sydney (the phone rings asking for Joe's pizza, at the end he says "I cam here to see you, bla bla bla). Female vocals. Would appreciate any tips, perhaps bust out your old season one dvd if you have it, thanx.
There a lots of Alias fan sites that have music guides. There's a lot of gems sprinkled through the show. Some of them are impossible to find though. It seems like the show has gotten away from the cool music this year. The show isn't that cool anymore either. :(
Thanks. And yeah, Alias does have some good songs, but these days it's just weepy Sarah Mclachlan at the end of each episode... they REALLY need to get over her.
Are you saying that Alias's use of Sarah McLachlan's Dirty Little Secret during Vaughn's funeral didn't make you cry?
not really.
i was busy fuming over vaughn's death.
i swear someday i'm gonna kill the writers.

No I didn't cry... because personally... not a big Vaughn fan. Sure he was hot and all... but I grew to hate that same stupid expression he always had on his face, no matter what the situation. Whether he was in danger, making a shocking discovery, having a conversation, being tortured, torturing someone, sipping coffee... ALWAYS that same damn look!!! And his death was so unrealistic... from his standing there like a dolt when the ominous, black cars came speeding towards him to him miraculously surviving a hundred bazillion bullets to the torso... please. On a completely unrelated note, I once saw Saosin in concert...
I'm starting to like this season of Alias, actually. I mean, of course you're bound to have some weepy scenes in there. I admit, some scenes are just out of the ball park, but you know, that's a show.

I also think the music is good overall...except the time they put in a Bob Dylan song in...and anything folk-like. Boy. And ABC finally updated their music guide for Alias, so be sure to check that out.
I just can't seem to like it because I know this new girl is going to replace Jennifer Garner while she's out having her baby, or maybe FOREVER *Gasp* I mean I really only watch the show for Jennifer Garner and the music. We can't lose both.
I just watched the pilot for Alias and there is a great song in the first 15 minutes when Jennifer Garner is walking into her agency for the first time....words start out .."ive been accused ive been confused...."
That's "Under the Gun" by Supreme Beings of Leisure.

I watched that episode yesterday. :)