Agent Cody Banks 2 Destination London


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There's a song about midway through, a chase scene wherein Cody and his handler are being chased through london by the bad guy. It's kind of a fast metally rap-ish tune. Any ideas, anyone? And before you ask, I took my kids :mellow:
what the name of song (very fast one) which play when cody run from bad guy on motobike
There is a very fun and upbeat/rocking tune in Agent Cody Banks 2.
Cody is being chased by the bad guy (who is firing rockets at Cody) and he is running through London.
The song being played would sound great on my iPod, but I cannot find/figure out anything about the song.
Thanks for any help.
I've merged your topic with some older ones on this song. I don't have any clue on it though... Have you checked the soundtrack listing for the movie at yet?
Does anyone know where i can find a song from "Cody Banks II" the name of the song i think is WAR, but it is a remix and it is being sang by some youg boy ( i think he is Russian or something). Anyway if anyone knows where i can find this song or the actual name of the song i would really appreciate your help. Thanks..