After Sex


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I am looking for a song from this movie. It plays during the scene where John(Dan Cortese) is crying on the basketball court after he finds out that Janet (Stephanie Venditto) cheated on him. It is sung by a woman, she sounds similar to Sarah McLachlan. The only lyrics I could decipher were " to me" and "...grace..." It is slow and melencholy. I hope someone can help. Thanks.
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Talk to me, tell me all you know about being free. If you just, talk to me, and I will learn it's a state of being(?), a state of grace. It's something sacred (secret?) Talk to me, tell me in this world is there a place for me? If you just talk to me, then I might see (it'll take some time?) until(?) and the moment defined(?)."
I found it. It's by Gypsy Soul and the title is Talk to Me, from the CD Sanctuary.
I am still searching for the full lyrics though.