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Hey guys, I'm stumped. There's a bumper that shows up on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. It's basically a commercial for that car company, Scion. anyway, the music in the background is a techno mix of a classical piece (whose name eludes me!). Anyone know the song and it's remix?
There have been many answers to these questions. I'm not certain if your particular question is one of them, but it's still worth searching.
So, it's just an ad for the Scion that you saw during Adult Swim? Right?

What's happening during the ad? I've seen a few different Scion ads running recently.
It's typical of their bumpers, solid color background...white text. In this particular one the background is blue with the white text. IIRC all they say during the ad is how they want to accessorize their particular Scion.

The end of the ad features the Scion logo on the same blue background.

any ideas?
I'm pretty sure this is the Diva Dance from 5th Element Soundtrack or whatever that song the Diva sang.
Just saw it. Unless there's more than one it's "Queen Of The Night Aria" from Mozarts "The Magic Flute."

Thanks Steph. ;)

EDIT-No idea on the techno mix. Sorry. :(
Hey guys, I figured it out last night and figured I'd share. It's the Queen of the Night Aria from Mozart's the Magic Flute. The remixed version that shows up in the Adult Swim bumper is by a japanese duo called Eccentric Opera.

Now I have to spend my energies trying to *find* a CD by them.
You can find the song on this Eccentric Opera CD -- however, you'll have to get it Import.