Adidas Epic

Alright i know there is specializing here with the music from ads. However i am unable to find the ad. If you can direct me to it somewhere it would be greatly appreciated.Thank you and happy new year
Can you describe the Adidas commercial? Because that video on the MSN site is probably long gone and the "Epic" title doesn't seem to bring up much.
There is a lady running and writing comes up and says i run because i am an athlete i believe. someone is swimming in the ocean it or a really windy lake. it is a blue black scale. And in the background the whole time they are playing the Craig Armstrong song escape. I believe at the end it shows the words nothing is impossible. there is a biker i think too. thank you
Adidas has a long running "Impossible is Nothing" campaign.

The original answer said the song was "Hanging" by Craig Armstrong, but you mentioned the song was "Escape" by Craig Armstrong. Which song was it?
well hanging and escape are essentially the same song 1 is more up beat. escape is more upbeat and hanging is slower. so someone could end up identifying it either way. does this help?