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There's a series of Acura car commercials on TV recently - I've caught them on during football games (Go Gators!). Anyways, all of the commercials feature the same guy acting as an inspirational speaker while standing in front of a car, 1 is set on a beach and the other is set in a park w/kids around him. Both commericals use the same music, an epic, sweeping orchestral piece. Does anyone know what the song is called, and what film it's from?
Actually ...

It's not for Acura cars ...

It's for Kia cars ... like the Amanti ...

Do a search here at adtunes ... you'll get some info ...

Search --> "_kia" or "amanti"
I searched under "kia" and "amanti" and all of the posts produced by the search engine talked about the 'stars' commercial or the one with the groove armada song. Could you give me a direct link or tell me what the song/soundtrack is in the recent commercials?
I did a quick search here for "amanti" ...

Here's a result from here ... click me!

Through that thread, there's a website mentioned ... (or .org) (teehee ... how quickly I forget! :p ) that's connected to these Kia ads ... try that out ...

Good luck finding your song! B)