Acura RSX Type S "Ride"


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Acura RSX Type S "Ride"

Just to clarify, this is not the same commercial that has already been asked about (with the city converted into a race track). This is a new one, I just saw it today. It has many of the same cars racing through winding overpasses, and across barren landscapes and by waves of water. It's set to a techno song. If anybody could help, it would be appreciated.
I saw that RSX commercial and the music blew me away. But unfortunatly I don't know what the music is. It sound a lot like Atari Teenage Riot but that's just a wild guess. If anybody know any information about this nice looking tv commercial please feel free to tell us.
I've only heard one, the one that sounded a bit like Pink, with the only world I heard was "Race". Dont know if its this one, or the other one on these message boards.
Can anybody even find the commercial on the internet? I can't find the commercial anywhere and I can't find any way to contact Acura.
i recently have discovered that the music for this commercial was contracted to Elias & Associates. I have sent them an email regarding the matter and hope to have a response soon. i will post when i do :)
I heard this commercial and immediately came to look for the artist. I only registered today because I've managed to lurk here enough that I might as well.

Not only was the music awesome, but the commercial was too. I'd put the genre of the music under ambient breaks, or chemical. The chords with the breaks were quite nice. Can't wait to hear word of where it came from.
Where did you come across this information? I love this song so much...
i was told by an acura representative via the feedback form onthis link, that elias did all the 2004 commercials, but when i sent an email to them regarding the commercial i recieved this reply:
Subject: Acura spot
From: Kala Sherman <>
To: <***>

That you for your email. As we do compose many of the Acura commercials,
this particular one was not done by Elias.

I hope you find what you are looking for!

Kala Sherman
Elias Arts
2219 Main Street
Santa Monica, CA 90405

i will be watching this thread to see if anyone else has better luck :unsure:
ARGH! I want this song... everywhere is a dead end. I can not find anything about it on the internet at all... not even a whisper. I've looked up the lyrics, I've looked up everything. the only acura rsx commercial I can find is the race/city one...
I e-mailed Acura as well and got the same respnse:

Thanks for writing! All of our commercials this year feature original
music arranged and composed for Acura by Elias & Associates. If you
like, you may get in touch with them for further information.

So... this is pretty much looking like a dead end... maybe it will be released later...
The song you are looking for definitely looks like an Atari Teenage Riot song since it's one by their "lead" singer, Alec Empire.

The song title is "The Ride", you can get it on his album "Intelligence and Sacrifice".


Just wondering if anyone knew where i could buy the cd i cant find it on amazon or anything. thanx
Available on here as an Import, but looks like there are some used ones for sale.
Good day all,

Looking for the music behind this ad....

The ad displays a large number of the same vehicle doing some pretty amazing coordinated driving(eg:multiple cars driving through an intersection in a criss-cross fashion)

the music sounds fairly industrial, Prodigy style, not alot of lyrics, i think right near the end of the ad they say "Let me take you!!"

here's a screenshot from the ad...


thanks in advance.