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Looking for the music in a new Acura RSX ad. The car is shown driving through a city where the roads have been converted to a racetrack (tight corners, straightaways, etc). Song is instrumental/techno. Help please!
Hey, I was also wondering about this ad. I've tried to find a way to contact Acura directly, but there is no way. Great music though!
Does anyone know what tune is playing on the new '04 Acura RSX Type S commercial? I first saw it on January 18th. The car is racing on a track that winds around a city. It's a very short commercial, and that's pretty much all that happens.

Any thoughts,

Thanks wwright129
I merged the latest request for this ad with previous ones, since it still hasn't been answered.

I've seen the ad, but don't have any info on the music... The ad is officially called "Race Town" and was done by the agency RPA. I have a feeling the music was done just for the ad, but you can contact the agency and ask them for sure.
Sounds like Alec Empire to me.
He also started Atari Teenage Riot and he founded Digtal Hardcore Recordings.

I could be wrong, but if I am, someone did a good job ripping off his signature style.