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I would like to know the song in this commercial. I haven't seen any more ads, so i bet its the only one circulating around.
Could you describe what is going on in the ad? And, any descriptions on the music - Lyrics, vocals (male/female), genre, etc... ??
I have also been wondering about this commercial, I think I may have seen the same one: It shows the Acura MDX driving through this forest and they're saying something about "performance and luxury existing in harmony". It ends with the MDX driving out of the forest and onto a beach. Hope that helps!
Yep, thats the commercial. I just saw it a couple hours ago. By the time i post a message, i forget the commercial :). DOES ANYONE KNOW..... HELP!!!!!!
That does sound like it, but I'm not really sure- I haven't seen the commercial for a while and my memory of it is fading.
Does that commercial show bonsai? Those little trees....because if it does, then it's definitely The Rippingtons.
Unless I got the commerical messed up the the song is definitely not Taos, it may sound similar in some regards but it is not Taos. I remember the Acura MDX pulling out of the forest and just as it appears is when the song gets tight, however I do not remember a beach so this commercial could be different. Either way, is there someone out there that can help me out, I'm dying to know the name of the song???
Yeah, I would love to know also so I'm bumping this back up!

Oh, and it is not the Taos song.
I emailed Acura and they informed the song was produced by a consulting company. The company's web site is at the following URL:, I have emailed the firm but have not received a response. For those who like trance/techno stuff this song is right up there with the best TV commercial tunes ever produced. Let's try to close the book on this one,

Ahh... Elias Arts -- they have done tons of ads. They're a production company that has studio musicians that just make song sto be used in ads, etc... Not for sale, etc...
Nope. Elias Arts is an agency that makes music to be used in things (ads, etc...) -- they aren't a band. Aside from them releasing an album in the future (which I'm not even sure agencies would consider/do in the first place), you'll just have to live with the 30 second spot music. It's also likely that the music doesn't even exist in long form... just pieces (but I'm only guessing at that).